Mayor removes Overland Park councilman from committee after domestic battery charges


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The mayor of Overland Park has removed a city councilman from his post on a public safety committee following allegations of domestic battery.

Council-member Scott Hamblin is no longer on the Public Safety Committee. The Mayor made the decision after Monday’s meeting citing Hamblin’s current court case as the reason.

“I wouldn’t think it was appropriate for him to be making public safety policy decisions after he was arrested by Overland Park Police for domestic battery,” Mayor Carl Gerloch said in a statement to FOX4.

Court Documents show the 42-year-old was arrested last month.

Police said Hamblin was accused of domestic battery and they believe he was drunk at the time.

Authorities reported damage to drywall in the home, but no injuries.

Gerloch said in his 25 years on city council this is a first and they’re dealing with it as they go.

The mayor added that there were six council members that asked Hamblin to resign on Monday. He refused.

Their next meeting is August 17. Gerloch said he is not sure if the issue will be addressed again then, or not.

Hamblin is scheduled for a diversion hearing on Sept. 16.



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