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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The game on Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos is one of the most anticipated games of the season so far.  With all the hype, and a little animosity, one metro family was surprised to see a McDonald’s toy they thought might be showing favoritism toward the orange and blue.  Turns out, they were just unlucky.

Five-year-old Jordan Keener thinks his new football throwing toy from McDonald’s is awesome.

He’s a football fan, though more of the Kansas State variety, so it didn’t bother him when he opened up his toy from his McDonald’s Happy Meal and found a Broncos figurine inside.

Mom, Kristen, says she and her dad were shocked, especially since it’s just days before the big game.

“He was like you can’t show people this, this is going to start a riot!” Kristen Keener said.

A Kansas City McDonald’s owner/operator, Jim Wagy, says it wasn’t intentional.

“We don’t know which one we’re going to give them because they made it that way, so we don’t slow down service. It’s kind of like a potluck. You get what you get,” Wagy said.

He says while every store will get some toys representing each team — odds are better you’ll get a Chiefs toy.

“We’re going to get more Chiefs here in Kansas City than we are Philadelphia Eagles or something like that.”

FOX 4 did a little checking around a McDonald’s restaurant and none of the kids we saw had a Chiefs OR Broncos toy.