Meals On Wheels volunteers race against ice storm to ensure senior citizens have enough food

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Volunteers are delivering hot meals to shut-in seniors Friday, possibly for the last time until Tuesday.

The approaching ice storm and Martin Luther King holiday means older folks may be on their own for a few days.

Fortunately the weather has held off so far, to allow volunteers to hit the streets with one last hot meal for hundreds of disabled and shut-in seniors.

As drivers drop off these deliveries, they’ll be making sure older folks have enough food on hand to make it through the long weekend. They also want to know if their furnaces have been working properly.

The worst case scenario is that an ice storm could cause a power outage for the elderly living alone.

“In preparation for that, in the winter months, we typically deliver at least once a month an emergency food pack, is what we call it, where it has non perishable food items,” said Pamela Seymour, executive director of Shepherd Center Central KC. “So that if we can’t get to our clients they’ve got at least some food to tide them over until we can get back to them.”

Despite the danger of driving on slick streets, few volunteers cancel their commitment to make the deliveries.

They say they know how important it is for single seniors to get some hot food in their bellies.

And the social interaction is just as important.

For some older folks, the meals on wheels driver is the only visitor they talk with each day.

Some also receive special meal deliveries over the weekend that may get canceled.

But because of the holiday Monday, it’s important to many here that the food deliveries Friday are carried out.

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