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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — New Chiefs head coach Andy Reid called Philadelphia home for the past 14 years — a long time in any professional coaching career. Now he will make Kansas City his home.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Andy Reid new head coach

A 9 hour meeting this past Wednesday saw Andy Reid and Kansas City chiefs CEO Clark Hunt discussing anything from football to family.

“It probably could have gone on longer that that. There was a certain energy that started with with Clark and radiated with the other people I had a chance to meet with,” said Reid.

Hunt said after the meeting, it was evident what needed to be done, but there was still one piece of the puzzle that needed to fall into place.

“He mentioned to me that he wanted to bring Tammy to KC to give her a chance to see the city,” said Hunt.

Reid calls his long-time wife the head coach of the head coach.

“I think we all understand how that works,” he said. “So if she would have given the thumbs down I don’t take the job, I mean that’s how it works.”

Andy says he wanted Tammy’s approval on the City of Fountains and becoming the kind of the Chiefs kingdom.

“Well we haven’t had to do this for 14 years. We’re empty-nesters right now. But I wanted her to obviously see and feel the excitement that I was feeling,” he said.

Friday afternoon the Reids jetted in, and accompanied by Chiefs higher-ups, spent the night on the Country Club Plaza, dining at Capitol Grill.

“As we talked you just got this feeling like, this was right. This was the right thing to do,” Reid said.

By then, everyone involved says it was a done deal.  Andy Reid was named the 13th head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and was introduced to media and fans on Monday afternoon.

“We’re excited today because we’re not only welcoming Andy to the Chiefs family but also his lovely wife Tammy,” Hunt said as he introduced the couple.

Reid said, “I’m excited about the opportunity.”

This is not the Reid’s first time in Missouri.  Early in his coaching career Andy worked briefly for the University of Missouri.