Memorial for KC lynching victim to be replaced after vandals cut it down


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A memorial for a Kansas City lynching victim will be replaced after vandals cut it down.

Friday, crews removed a marker for Levi Harrington after it was cut from its pole and thrown off a cliff near at West Terrace Park.

Workers with Kansas City Parks and Recreation took the badly damaged marker to the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural center, where it will be stored while a new marker is made.

Kansas City Parks and Rec Commissioner Chris Goode says there should be more outrage about the vandalism.

“It really saddens me to think that we have such a close knit community here in Kansas City and something so putrid, so vial, could happen right here in our city limits and there not be more outrage about it,” he said.

The marker was erected in 2018 in honor of Harrington, who was lynched near 10th and Summit Streets in 1882.

Harrington was just 23-years-old when he was murdered by an angry mob in an act of racial violence after he was wrongly accused of killing a police officer.

Goode says the vandalism feels like an act of hate.

“We have to stand for what’s right. We have to say hatred was committed here.”

A new marker will be dedicated to Harrington at the site in the near future.



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