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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Two years ago this week Baby Lisa Irwin disappeared from her home in Kansas City. It was a story that captured the attention of the nation. On Saturday, her family held a vigil to pray for the safe return of Baby Lisa. Her parents say they are continuing to search for her and aren’t giving up hope.

“If you know anything about our daughter please help end our suffering and her suffering and help bring her home to her family where she belongs,” pleaded Deborah Bradley, Baby Lisa’s mother on Saturday night.

Two years ago this week Lisa Irwin’s parents say they last saw their child. Two years ago investigators roped off the property trying to find anything that would lead them to baby Lisa. Two years ago the story captured the attention of the nation. And those two years have seemed like an eternity.

“It doesn’t get any easier,” said Jeremy Irwin, Lisa’s father. “It’s been two years. I’m just still in a state of shock.”

Earlier this week the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released a picture of what baby Lisa could look like now. A picture her parents now cling to for hope they might see her again.

“Very overwhelming mixed emotions,” said Bradley. “Very happy to see my baby again. But very sad that it’s not in person yet.”

The family remains hopeful that Baby Lisa is safe – wherever she is.

“The only word that I know to explain it is that I feel like she’s ok,” said Bradley. “I feel like someone who would do so much trouble to get her wouldn’t hurt her.”

Baby Lisa’s family and the dozens of supporters at the vigil Saturday night aren’t just hoping for Lisa’s safe return, but the safe return of countless others who remain missing.

“This is not just about Lisa. Every 40 seconds a child is abducted in America. That is too many kids,” said Bradley.

Bradley and the rest of her family is hopeful the new age-progressed photo of Baby Lisa will be able to help bring her home.