Men Make Up Last Minute Shoppers on Christmas Eve

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A surge of late shoppers hit stores on Christmas eve. Retailers hope Christmas Eve sales will top off a strong holiday shopping season.

The National Retail Federation says 37 million Americans hadn’t even started their Christmas shopping until two weeks before Christmas. Some people waited to use coupons. Retail experts say you can snag a better deal as the holiday gets closer.

Several retailers claim that men make up a big portion of last-minute shoppers. One retail survey says as much as 80 percent of last-minute shoppers. Some of the shoppers who fall into this category say they aren’t surprised.

“We don’t like shopping as much so it’s kind of like, tearing the band aid off and wait until last minute to get it done,” said last-minute shopper Cody Anderson.

Most say they waited because of procrastination. One man says he waited because of the Chiefs game.

“As a man, I just wanted to watch the game and get it over with and then come out and finish shopping basically,” said shopper Duran Eddins.

The men also say they can afford to wait until Christmas is about here because they’re really just shopping for a one person or a few people.

“I have one responsibility and that’s my wife,” said shopper  Duran Eddins. “She takes care of the rest.”

That could be the reason at least one retailer says they saw both genders on Saturday.

“I’d say that surprisingly enough, it’s been almost exactly even as far as the people who have made purchases,” said Jesse Bales, Bird Sings.

Most shoppers say they’re satisfied with the deals they got on Saturday.

“It’s been successful so far. I’m able to find the right thing at the right time I guess,” said last-minute shopper Cody Anderson.



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