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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — People living at Knob Hill Apartment Complex near 95th and Cleveland say they are fed up with their cars being vandalized.

Marla Hodge, who lives at the complex, said it’s the second time this month people have tried to steal cars from the parking lot or slash the tires. Police told FOX 4 after looking at the damage it appears the suspects were attempting to steal the vehicles.

“Everybody works hard for their things and you need to work and get your own things,” said Hodge, whose car was vandalized. “Things have been gone though, the ignition switch has been torn off and all the damage on the front council is torn up.”

The suspects left behind a crowbar, some gloves and even a pack of cigarettes.

“My guess would be they’re going to steal it when they go through the trouble of breaking the ignition cylinder,” said Officer Eric Braden, with the police department. “They can get the car started and drive away with it.”

Hodge said a month ago someone slashed tires and broke windows to a handful of cars in the parking lot. She wishes the parking lot had more lighting.

“They like it dark, there are not many lights,” she said. “We have one light and it pretty much just shines right where it’s at,” she told FOX 4 on Sunday.

Hodge said neither she nor her neighbor’s car will start and both have hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage. If you know anything, call the police department.