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HOLT, Mo. — Kim Parker kept shaking the ice container on the inside of her refrigerator door.

“I can’t get it to come out. You can see how it’s all frozen up in there,” she said.

Parker started having problems with the icemaker in her nearly 3-year-old LG refrigerator at the end of December. She immediately started hunting online for an appliance repair company since her refrigerator was out of warranty.

That’s how she found IFixIt Appliance and HVAC, operated by Ryan Munsell.

“Very prompt, super polite,” Parker said of Munsell. “He even brought his teenage son with him.”

Parker said Munsell spent an hour at her home, examining the refrigerator and cleaning the back of it before he determined the problem. He told her she needed a new icemaker. It was going to be $550.

Munsell wanted half of the money upfront to pay for the parts he said he’d have to special order.

“I kind of get that, small businesses you know,” Parker said.

So she wrote Munsell a check for $275.

That was on Jan. 2. Parker has never heard from Munsell again – even though the part was supposed to arrive the next week. She tried contacting him through Facebook, phone and email and got no response.

She also started digging a little deeper into Munsell’s business and learned she wasn’t the only unhappy customer.

Just a few miles down the road in Kearney, another family also said they had been scammed by Munsell. They’re out $439. They told Problem Solvers they paid Munsell upfront to repair their washer and dryer. He was supposed to return with the necessary parts, but never did.

“I just want him to have to answer for what he’s done,” Parker said.

She’s particularly appalled that he had his son with him when he visited her home.

“To scam people in front of your teenage son — what’s wrong with this person? That is not OK,” she said.

FOX4 Problem Solvers also tried to track down Munsell. Since his business address is a P.O. Box, we visited the Gladstone address he listed on his business filing with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office. No one was home.

We also tried calling and contacting him via Facebook and (like Parker) never heard from him.

So for taking two customers’ money and never doing the work, Munsell is the newest member of the FOX 4 Problem Solvers Hall of Shame.

There is, however, a happy ending to this tale. Problem Solvers contacted LG, the manufacturer of Parker’s refrigerator. Although her icemaker is out of warranty, LG offered to repair it for free. Problem Solved.