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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A metro painter is turning his passion for art and sports into a KC baseball masterpiece yet again.

Royals fans have likely seen William Rose’s celebratory painting of the team’s 2015 World Series win mounted in the main lobby of Kauffman Stadium.

“That was a huge hit,” Rose said, looking at the painting. “It was more than I expected. We’ve sold thousands of prints, so it’s been nice.”

Following the success of the painting, the Royals reached out to Rose again in hopes that he would create a piece to the commemorate the team’s 50th season.

“They wanted somebody that could do figurative work and could capture a likeness, which obviously I could,” Rose said.

Rose allowed FOX4 a sneak peek at the progress of the oil painting, which he started working on about two weeks ago. Get a look at Rose’s painting in the video above.

A sneak peak at William Rose’s newest Royals painting

The 6-by-10-foot canvas features some of the team’s most popular players and managers from the past 50 years.

“We have 19 players on here and two managers,” Rose said. “So we have Howser and Yost, the two World Series managers, obviously some current players, but you also got George Brett, Frank White and Willie Wilson.”

Rose, who has lived in Prairie Village for 40 years, said it took him one week just to sketch out the details on the canvas. He’s using a palette knife and paint brush as tools.

“My style is to paint relatively loose,” Rose said. “The uniforms, hats, helmets and faces will have a lot of palette knife, which gives it a lot of texture.”

The team’s logo on the painting has 24-caret gold leaf on it.

“It’s real gold and comes in super thin sheets,” Rose said. “You have to lay adhesive down, very carefully lay the sheets down and pull them up.”

Rose said his favorite part about the process is painting itself.

“Laying the actual oil paint on the canvas, that’s what I enjoy the most,” Rose said.

Rose said he has always been a sports fan, especially baseball.

William Rose

“I’m a sports fan in general but there’s something about baseball,” Rose said. “When you know all the nuisances and the strategy and everything that goes into baseball, every pitch is exciting.”

As for painting, the 65-year-old admits he started late in life.

“I didn’t even know I could draw until about 45,” Rose said. “I just kind of discovered that I could draw, and I love to do figurative work. I love to capture emotion in a face and the action in a sports figure.”

Rose is hoping that his latest Royals masterpiece strikes gold again with the team and fans.

“This is kind of about the history of the Royals, and it’s kind of a timeless piece, I hope,” Rose said.

The new painting will replace the World Series painting inside Kauffman, he said. There is an official unveiling at the stadium on April 14. However, the public can get a sneak peek of the piece on April 12 at the Leopold Gallery in Brookside.