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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — About two weeks ago, Raytown BMX was burglarized for the fifth time in less than a year. The break-ins happened despite bars on the doors, security cameras and an alarm system.

Now, the organization is fed up, and they’re fundraising so they can increase security.

The board president said burglars took the siding off the building and went inside. They stole some candy and $10 in change and tore apart the security cameras on the building.

After the last break in, a Raytown company donated an alarm. The burglars also ripped that apart — and cut a hole in the fence surrounding the property.

Raytown BMX had to spend about $2,000 on repairs.

“It’s so disheartening for all of us that it happens,” said Raquel Cumberford, Raytown BMX track operator and board president.

People of all ages use the track, which has loaner bikes to make the sport accessible for all income levels.

“It breaks our heart each time” Cumberford said. “We’re all volunteers, and when something is taken away from you, and each time this happens, the cost is taken away from the riders.”

You can find Raytown BMX’s GoFundMe here.