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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — People are making drastic changes in the way they eat to get a healthy start to the new year. Most people resolve to diet so they can lose weight.

Brian Gordan never ate healthy a few years ago. He made a gradual change from carnivore to vegan and has never looked back. Gordan’s passion for good, hearty, vegan food has grown into a business.

Business at Conveniently Natural is a little off beat. There’s chef dancing Bobby as well as a masseuse who packs the prepared food with rhythm and style. Bret Boule’ is an engineer and a bass player. Ben Miller owns his own organic lawncare business.

The guys are all vegan and they sprinkle a little extra love and vitality into their recipes.

“This is not some temple of  veganism that we’ve started here,” said Brian Gordan. “It’s really about health. It’s about eating whole plant based foods that are good for your body.”

While whole foods build healthy cells, the side dish is weight loss.

“It’s foods that have a lot of fiber and digestive enzymes and you can easily digest them instead of your body holding on to poor food,” Boule said.

Conveniently Natural offers delivery service also. You can get a weeks worth of vegan and even gluten free delicacies delivered directly to your door. For more information on Conveniently Natural go to