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OLATHE, Kan. — Just maneuvering through the bathroom door is tricky when you’re in wheelchair.

Fitting through the door is just one of the problems 11-year-old Davey Uria deals with every day.

Once inside the narrow bathroom, the only task he can preform without help is washing his hands.

Davey has spina bifida, something he appears to take in stride.

“I find ways to do things,” he said.

Mom Val Uria agreed, but said once Davey outgrows his current wheelchair and has to swap it for a larger one – getting into the bathroom will be impossible.

“At this point, it’s just what life is,” she said.

But the folks at Schloegel Design Remodel in Kansas City wanted to make life a whole lot easier for the Uria family.

That’s why Schloegel selected the Urias as one of three families this year to receive a total bathroom makeover – all part of the Big Splash Custom Bathroom Giveaway.

“Once we went out to the home, it was pretty easy to see the impact we could make,” said Chris Peterson with Schloegel. “So it was an easy decision.”

The biggest challenge for Schloegel was figuring out how to expand the 5-by-8 bathroom so that Davey could use it more easily.

Because the walls couldn’t be moved, the answer was burying the toilet’s tank inside one of the walls.

“Make a niche in the wall so there is more space to turn the wheelchair around,” Peterson said.

It was a multi-week remodeling job that Davey was anxious to see take place.

“The first thing, everything is going to get messy,” said Davey with a huge grin on his face.

The old bathroom was gutted to its studs, even Davey’s bedroom wall had to be torn open so the toilet’s tank could be hidden inside.

After a lot of work (and not nearly as much mess as Davey anticipated), it was time for the big reveal.

As the bathroom door was swung open, Davey wheeled himself inside.

“This is awesome,” he said. You can see his sweet reaction and the big reveal in the video player above.

Among the changes, the entry door was now wider, the old bathtub was replaced with a zero entry shower that Davey can now wheel into.

Plus every knob and handle is at a level he can reach.

But there’s more.

Schloegel also gave Davey’s bedroom a makeover, new paint and furniture and even a Star Wars theme.

Davey’s dad Enrique Uria said the men who had transformed his home were almost like family.

“When someone does something for your kids, it’s something we parents appreciate,” Uria said. “I think the world of these guys. Their heart is amazing.”

As for Davey? A huge smile on his face said it all.