Metro couples, wedding planners delaying ‘I do’ as gathering sizes limited


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Local couples are pushing back their wedding dates and changing up their plans after Kansas City and surrounding areas announced new COVID-19 guidelines.

“This isn’t our first rodeo. This is the second time that we’re having to change our wedding,” bride Kelsey Nelson said.

Nelson and her fiancé James were supposed to get married at The Bauer, but now the couple is planning a small ceremony outside after new restrictions were announced.

In Kansas City, all indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people. People inside must always be seated and wearing a mask except when eating or drinking.

“I’m coming off of like the day four of really realizing that this is going to be the reality,” Nelson said. “I think that what we have kept in the back of our minds is the number one goal is to get married.”

Brides like Kelsey aren’t the only ones across the city regrouping after learning of the new set of rules.

“I just rolled my eyes and thought, ‘Here we go again,’” said Wade Nelson, manager at Complete Weddings Events.

Businesses that depend on weddings are feeling the impact as well.

“I’ve got people that are postponing next year,” Wade Nelson said. “I’ve had people cancel their weddings next year.”

Wade Nelson, who has no relation to Kelsey Nelson, said he had about four couples cancel within 24 hours.

“Luckily, going into this time of the year, this is when the wedding season really slows down,” he said.

Wade said despite the bad news, the most important part is that couples are still able to get married.

“I don’t want it to seem that we’re not disappointed and that it’s not hard for us because it has been extremely hard, stressful, disappointing, but like I said we’re going to get married and it’s going to be great whether it’s what we originally planned or not,” Kelsey said.



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