Metro dealerships team up to take down thieves, offering $15,000 reward

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three metro dealerships teamed up to take down thieves who they say have recently hit almost a dozen local dealerships.

“You’ll see here, they break into our service door,” Director of Operations Jason Caley said while watching back video his security camera caught as three crooks break into Max Ford of Harrisonville.

“They went there with purpose, they went there with a plan,” Caley said.

They grabbed white envelopes from the customer drop box. Then, Caley says they set their sights on his showroom down the hall.

“They broke this door went up our hallway,” Caley said. “Wasn’t able to get to what they were after so they turned around, came back, ran back out the door they broke and exited to their jeep.”

Caley said they were only in the building 60 to 75 seconds making him believe they are seasoned at breaking and entering and getting away.

“To my knowledge there’s been at least 11 dealerships hit by the same matching description people,” Caley said.

Another store hit in Buckner, MO saw around $200,000 dollars in stolen property and damages.

“This store was gated and alarmed,” ” Caley said about Matt Ford Dealership.

Owner Ryan Matt tells FOX4 thieves matching the same description stole three mustangs. They also caused damage to a super duty truck when they rammed the gate to get the ponies out.

Matt says police found one stolen vehicle earlier this week near 33rd and Benton in Kansas City.

“It’s hard enough to come in and do your job everyday and run a very good business with a very good name, but whenever you have thieves coming in trying to mess it up all the time it’s challenging,” Caley said. “But we will get through it.”

Three dealerships have decided they’ll get through it together. A reward to help catch these crooks started at $5,000. It’s since grown.

“Right now there’s a $15,000 reward on their arrest and conviction,” Caley said.

He hopes the money will drive home justice.

“I hope they’re prosecuted to the full extent of the law without any compassion whatsoever ever” Caley said. “They’re affecting a lot of people’s lives by doing this.”

Harrisonville police believe Caley’s case is tied to other dealership and auto thefts in the metro area. Anyone with information is asked to contact 816-380-3251.

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