Metro doctors brace for possible spike in COVID-19 cases following Thanksgiving weekend


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you saw your family over Thanksgiving and are thinking of getting tested you may want to wait. Doctors say making sure you get tested when the time is right could avoid a surprise later.

If you happened too catch the virus over the holiday weekend doctors say you may not know until later this week or next week if you have it. They are bracing for a possible spike in cases once symptoms set in.

“I’m more worried about Thanksgiving is going to do in another ten to fourteen days,” Dr. Steve Stites with the University of Kansas Health System said.

If you happened to go home to celebrate Thanksgiving with a group if you get tested Stites says the results could be inaccurate. The best thing to do is wait it out and assume you could have the virus.

“I think with the proportion of asymptomatic people that can spread the disease, or pre-symptomatic people, you don’t know if you were at a gathering and people had it. I think that’s a very smart way to go about it after the Thanksgiving holiday,” Dr. Dana Hawkinson with the University of Kansas Health System said.

“That’s why the wearing of masks is so critical. Even if you’re not feeling ill just I really ask everybody to assume that you have this disease and your primary role and duty as a citizen of this country is to keep from spreading it accidentally to folks,” Dr. Rex Archer, Director of the Kansas City Health Department said.

Doctors are concerned if we see a spike in cases the spread could carry exponentially through Christmas.

“I think we’re going to have to kind of ride the wave and see where it takes us, but I think it’s going to increase. I had hopes for stability. We’ll see what happens with that,” Stites said.

If you need to get tested and aren’t showing symptoms doctors say around Thursday would be a good time to get tested and in the few days following. However, if you are showing symptoms now you should get tested right away.

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