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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Many said it was a Christmas miracle with temperatures outside reaching nearly seventy degrees.

“I was like, oh my gosh, this can’t be real,” Amber Block said.

The warm weather meant a nice day outside for lots of people in the metro with their families leaving many to think Kansas City was on Santa’s nice list this year.

At Meadowbrook Park in Prairie Village kids were enjoying the new playground equipment.

“Zip-lining. Climbing. A bunch of stuff,” 9-year-old Yousif Mohammed said.

Dogs were soaking up the sun. Oakley the golden retriever puppy enjoyed watching the action from his mom, Ellie Rekoski’s arms.

“It’s super nice outside, and he loves the outdoors,” Rekoski said.

It was also Christmas Day, and the fourth day of Hanukkah. Jared Leavy said it was a perfect birthday and Hanukkah gift.

“Yes, absolutely. It’s a Hanukkah miracle,” Leavy said.

Rekoski came to visit her family in Johnson County from Wichita, and expected it would probably be around forty degrees colder.

“When you think of Christmas you just think of snowy weather,” Rekoski said. “It’s really nice though!”

Bill and Betty Koeneman usually spend their holiday in Texas and had hoped for more of a white Christmas.

“We wanted snow! Texas doesn’t have snow,” Betty said.

“We came to visit our family this year,” Bill said. “Christmas with our son, daughter, grandsons, granddaughters and everything.”

Campbell Ross came to the park on a bike ride with her mom. She loved the weather, but it left her wondering what mother nature was up to.

“I think it’s actually pretty odd because it’s supposed to be snowing cold, but it’s actually hot,” Ross said.

Greg Hall bought his family a pickle ball set for Christmas this year. He didn’t expect to find himself sitting on the sidelines watching them enjoy the gift.

“We thought we’d give them to them and they’d probably wait until spring,” Hall said.

Across the state line at Bar-K near Kansas City’s River Market, hundreds of people showed up with their pooches to celebrate a feliz navi-dog.

Charles Holtgraves usually spends Christmas with his family in California, but this year they found themselves at home.

“I love it! We love it. I mean, there’s limited things to do on Christmas,” Holtgraves said. “A movie, but obviously we can’t take our dogs to the movies, so this was something we could get the whole family out for and the dogs would enjoy too.”

For Block, it wasn’t the Christmas forecast she would have preferred, but she and her dog enjoyed it anyway.

“I think it’s very insane to be honest,” Block said. “I’m more of a snow on Christmas kind of girl, but this is fun to be outside and be playing on Christmas. I would have never expected it.”

Even though the sun went down it didn’t mean people stopped having fun. Many said they would be going to the movies or sharing a meal with family.