Metro Families Weigh in on Behavior of Baby Lisa’s Parents

Family of Lisa Irwin
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It really is a parent’s worst nightmare when a child goes missing. It’s hard to know how you’d react, but parents who have been through it say there are a few things about baby Lisa’s parents’ behavior that make them scratch their heads.

From the second 18-year-old Kelsey Smith got kidnapped by a stranger four years ago, Greg and Missey Smith jumped into action, passing out fliers and making public pleas for help.

“I know it was extremely important to us to stay in front of the media and keep Kelsey’s name out there,” Greg said.

Kelsey’s mother said she’s not the kind of person who likes attention, but when it came to her daughter, that didn’t matter.

“I’m not a person who likes to be in front of the camera,” she said, “but if it meant bringing my child home then that’s what I did.  You stay out there and keep pushing.”

So Greg and Missey aren’t sure why baby Lisa’s parents have stopped all media appearances and why they have a defense attorney speaking for them.

Baby Lisa’s parents reportedly allowed criminal defense attorney Joe Tacopina to represent them because police questions had turned into accusations. But Greg says he too remembers police asking tough questions.

“We knew were going to be suspects, and we knew that’s how it was going to go,” Greg said. “But that’s fine. Clear us and then get on to finding our daughter.”

Missey agrees, saying cooperating with police was essential.

“We did everything we could do to cooperate with police to make sure we were able to find Kelsey,” she said.

Another parent who lost her child said she also remembers the tough questions police asked her. Cherri West’s daughter, Pamela Butler was snatched by a stranger in Kansas City, Kansas 12 years ago.

“If you know you’re innocent then sit there and fight back,” she said.

For the three days Pamela was missing, West went in front of TV cameras to beg the public for help.

“No, it’s not easy; I was scared,” she said.

But she says the media attention helped, so she doesn’t understand why baby Lisa’s parents are no longer speaking to the media.

“They was the last ones to see the baby,” West said. “They’ve got to ask for help. They have to be standing there showing people they’re concerned too. Hiding behind the doors is not helping find this child.”

The cases for Pamela Butler and Kelsey Smith ended tragically. Their parents hope things will turn out differently for baby Lisa.



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