Metro family mourns loss of woman hurt in 2019 crash who they couldn’t visit in hospital during pandemic


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A woman is dead after spending the last year-and-a-half of her life in the hospital. She was hurt in a hit-and-run crash in June 2019.

Police say the driver had three children in the car when he lost control and hit the woman. All four were injured, and the woman never recovered. 

Shaquese Greene, 25, sat in hospitals and rehab facilities with her health deteriorating. Her brother, Ronnell Greene, said it’s very different than the bubbly, fun sister he spent so much of his time with. 

Her brother said she died early Jan. 2, alone in the hospital. 

“My heart dropped. I feel lifeless for a minute are like, like helpless. I had no feeling I can honestly say I’ve never really felt that in life,” Greene said.

He remembers in June 2019 when he heard his sister was seriously injured in a crash. Greene said he raced to the hospital and couldn’t believe what had happened.

Police say Shaquese was driving near East 87th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard when Gary Hall, 35, was driving too fast and hit her. Police found his vehicle had worn down tires and shouldn’t have been on the road.

Investigators say three children were in Hall’s vehicle at the time. They weren’t injured as badly as Shaquese, who slipped into a vegetative state.

Hall was charged in January 2020 with child endangerment, operating a vehicle in an imprudent manner resulting in injury, and driving without a license.

“I always told her, you know, we’re going to get through this together. I always told her, you know, I’m not leaving your side,” Greene said.

However, in February, it wasn’t possible. Due to the pandemic, he could no longer visit his sister.

“I just wonder how she felt, like, does she think that I left her? Does she know what’s going on? Does she know that there’s a virus out here and this is why they’re doing this?” Greene said.

After nearly a year without visitors, she passed away. Her brother said while they wait for justice, they have to say goodbye to her again.

“Watch over me. Make sure you’re the same person who was down here on Earth. Just be that same that be that angel for me. So that I can live the life that you will want me to live and I can do the things that I know you will want me to do,” Greene said.

Hall was charged back in January 2020 but wasn’t arrested until the end of last month during a traffic stop in Cooper County, Missouri — near Columbia. 

The family set up a GoFundMe for help with Shaquese’s service. Her brother said they want to give her a better funeral than the end of her life.



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