Metro family seeks help from pet detective in search for beloved missing dog

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RIVERSIDE, Mo. -- It's almost been two weeks since the Boyd family had to start making missing dog signs for their gray Weimaraner, Addie.

She ran away while on a walk on Missouri Riverfront Trail. Now, Addie's family is exhausting all measures to make sure she comes home safely.

After hitting a dead end in their own search for Addie, the Boyd family decided to take a different approach by calling a pro.


"I didn't even know which way to keep looking. So this is kind of our last shot at trying to track her down," Addie's owner, Cecily Boyd said.

Karin TarQwyn is a pet detective, who said she's helped reunited countless pups with their owners for over a decade. Now, she's on the case to find answers for the Boyds.

"This is an investigation just like it would be with a missing person. We're putting together pieces of a puzzle," TarQwyn said.

But this isn't a one-woman show. TarQwyn enlists help from her trained tracking dogs.

"The key to our particular work is that we do use canines to ascertain what it is that happened on that day. They're scent-specific. We're basically giving them a scent article which is Addie's collar," TarQwyn said.

Karin TarQwyn

On Thursday, Addie's scent eventually led the dogs to a parking lot. That led to more questions. Namely, who took her.

With no answers, the Boyds are left begging for Addie's return.

"Kind of constant tears and anxiety around the house between my wife, my son and myself," Addie's other owner, Nick Boyd said.

"There's a noticeable piece of our family missing. She's always there to greet you at the door. She sleeps in bed under the blankets for us," Cecily Boyd said.

If you have any information about Addie's whereabouts, you can contact her family at 816-678-4544. The Boyds are also offering a reward for her return.



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