Metro family surprises 13-year-old with birthday parade after coronavirus canceled celebration plans

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — After a 13-year-old’s birthday plans were crushed due to fears of spreading the coronavirus, one metro family got creative and celebrated anyway while maintaining social distancing.

Violet turned 13 today, March 21.

“She was going to have a slumber party in a couple of weeks with some girlfriends and cousins, and then we always do a big family party,” Haley Newcomer, Violet’s mom, said.

Newcomer said that, even though Violet has been understanding of all the changes surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, she was still bummed that the celebrations had to be canceled.

Then, Newcomer said her mom, Violet’s grandma, came up with the idea to come visit anyway.

“She was like, ‘Hey, we’re going to drive out!'” Newcomer said.

She said she just thought it would be her mom surprising Violet, but when they arrived, her sisters and their whole families were there too. She said her family lives in Oak Grove and Grain Valley. That means that they drove an hour round trip, just to make Violet’s day.

“I think she was just on cloud nine,” Newcomer said. “She was grinning and so glad to see her cousins.”

Pictures show three vans decked out in signs and streamers. The family sang happy birthday out of the van windows, and one person even banged on a pot in between stanzas. The racket’s effect was captured in Violet’s smile.

“That just makes you feel so special that people make an hour round trip to see you,” Newcomer said.



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