Metro family vows to get justice for son, killed in roadside crash in Arkansas

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Preston Brayfield’s parents remember the 22-year-old as someone who lived for the Kansas City Chiefs and adored being a big brother.

“He told us never to give up in life, so we’re not going to give up on him, and fight for him and get justice,” his younger brother Caden said. 

Brayfield’s life ended tragically after he was struck by a suspected drunk driver on May 30 while working on a road construction crew in a remote area of northeast Arkansas.

“He barreled through a construction zone, a barricaded construction zone, and hit our son with such force that he dismembered him gruesomely,” said Stacie Brayfield, his mother.

The Brayfields fear the man accused in the crash, 27-year-old Kristopher Gould, could be getting off easy because Preston Brayfield is from more than 400 miles away, here in Kansas City.

“I asked the prosecuting attorney, ‘Is it possible that Kristopher would walk away and not serve any prison time?’ And he said, ‘Absolutely that is possible,'” said Jason Brayfield, Preston’s father.

Gould was released after posting $500 of a $5,000 bond.

“It doesn’t make sense. Why you would give such a low bail for such a horrendous crime?” Stacie Brayfield said.

The prosecutor’s office in Poinsett, Arkansas, told FOX4 that Gould is charged with felony negligent homicide. Legal experts tell FOX4 a $5,000 bond in the case of a vehicular homicide is on the low end, but within the discretion of a judge, based on a suspect’s criminal history and flight risk.

In Arkansas, drivers who are convicted of negligent homicide as a class B felony face 5-20 years in prison.

Gould’s next court appearance is set for July 29.

The Brayfields are vowing to pack the courtroom on that day, wearing Patrick Mahomes jerseys.

“This tragedy was completely avoidable, in our opinion,” Stacie Brayfield said. “Kristopher (Gould) did nothing short of — he murdered our son, took away our future, of our family. He tore it apart.”



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