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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A metro family is emotionally scarred after their pet horse was found dismembered in a Kansas City, Missouri Park last week.

The Valdez family believes the horse, which was discovered by a someone playing disc golf in Kessler Park, was stolen from a friend’s farm in KCK.

“I didn’t want to believe that was her in the park,” 11-year-old Michelle Valdez said. “I started riding her like when I was 2 or 3 years old.”

On Tuesday, investigators said someone butchered the horse for meat and dumped parts of the carcass in the park. Michelle said she started crying and shaking when she heard what happened.

“If I was going through a rough time or something, I’d get on my horse and start getting relaxed,” she said.

“I was upset and angry because I never expected something like that,” her father, Miguel Valdez said.

He said breaking the news to his children was difficult but equally disturbing was the trip to animal control to try and identify the family’s pet of nine years named Senaida.

“When they showed me those parts, I was even crying,” he added. “The way they did it, [ cut her up was awful].”

“I just can’t really imagine someone doing that to a horse,” his daughter said.

Senaida wasn’t just a horse to them, she was part of the Valdez family.

“She was like a good horse, calm horse that people could trust,” Valdez said.

They’re now left wondering who and why someone would commit what they call an unthinkable act.

“I don’t want this to be happening to other people, this happening to other horses,” the little girl said.

“I just hope they catch whatever person that did it,” her father added.

Police are investigating this case as both animal cruelty and illegal dumping. If you have any information, call KCKPD, the agency now in charge of the investigation.