Metro firefighers preparing for potential flash flood rescues with heavy rain expected

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — With heavy rains expected across the metro Wednesday night, first responders on both sides of the state line are preparing for flash flooding.

Firefighters in Overland Park are ready for next round of rain and the water assists and rescues that may come with it.

“Our rescue here, we’ve got that ready to go. It’s got one boat on the top there that’s inflated, another boat in the side compartment that can be inflated in a matter of minutes,” Overland Park firefighter Blake Wyatt said.

Packed and ready to go, firefighters in the metro are always prepared for the threat of high rising waters that may overflow in the creeks and streams.

“We stay in the constant state of readiness during times when we know bad weather is coming,” Wyatt added.

On the Missouri side, KCFD Deputy Chief Jimmy Walker urges people to use their common sense while on the roads.

“I want to stress to you and everybody out there: if you see water on the roadway, whether it’s barricaded off or not, please, please just turn around and drive back the other way,” Walker said.

Walker also advises paying attention to barricades and road closure signs.

Although these rescues don’t happen very often, the stakes are always high. That’s why firefighters have to be prepared.

Even though flood water may look low and manageable, firefighters warn you don’t know what the water is hiding. There may be potholes or other hazards hidden in that water.

It also takes very little water to be able to move you or your car.

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