Metro man hailed a hero describes rushing to help pull woman out of SUV in deadly KCK crash

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A 21-year-old Independence man is being hailed a hero by the woman he helped from a car crash that left another man dead, and a 7-year-old seriously injured.

“As I was getting off the exit, we yielded, because we were turning right on 57th Street, and all of a sudden, we see a car, the black Impala, getting off real fast, and it was a red light, we were expecting him to stop, and he didn`t stop. He was going at a pretty fast speed,” said 21-year-old Eduardo Carrillo, who was in the car with his sister in KCK when he saw the whole crash Sunday evening.

“He hit the Tahoe, and we saw the whole crash happen, the black Impala flipped in the air, rolled over a couple times, went flying, the Tahoe also went flying too,” Carrillo added.

Police say 31-year-old Dalen Jefferson was driving that Impala heading westbound on the off ramp of I-70 at a high rate of speed. They say he failed to stop at a red light - striking 39-year-old Estela Carrasco as she was driving northbound on 57th Street.

“I didn`t see his brake lights come on, anything whatsoever,” Carrillo said.

Carrillo says his sister called 911, as he ran to help.

“I was crossing the street, and all of a sudden, the lady in the Tahoe, I don`t know how she managed to jump to the back, she opened her door, and she`s like 'help me!' And that`s when I just ran to her and I pulled her out,” Carrillo said.

“There was a guy standing there, and I was like can you please help me? And he's like yes, I'm here to help,” said Carrasco, who was injured in the crash.

“There was oil and antifreeze all over the place, you could just smell it, one of her wheels went flying down the street, I just sat her down right there and was like are you okay?” said Carrillo, “She was in serious pain.”

Jefferson died at the scene, and police say a 7-year-old in his car was seriously injured and was taken to Children's Mercy Hospital.

“I`ve never really seen anything like that. It was kind of unbelievable, it almost looked like an action movie, because the car flipped in the air, did a whole 360,” Carrillo said.

Everyone was wearing seatbelts, but both cars were totaled. Carrasco says Carrillo is definitely a hero.

“He was helping me when I was struggling inside the truck,” said Carrasco.

“I was just helping out, really, I would expect the same from someone else,” added Carrillo, “Don`t drive crazy, it`s not worth it.”



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