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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Austin Aubuchon told FOX4 two teenagers were desperately digging in his pockets seconds after he started having a seizure.

“I was just running to the store to get some medicine for my wife,” he said.  “She wasn’t able to drive, so I went there myself. It was kind of like any other day going to the store. Then unfortunately as I was entering the store,  I had a seizure out of no where and collapsed onto the floor.”

That’s when Aubuchon said he saw two teenage boys standing over him.

“I could hear them,” he said. “It was two young men, a black man and a white man. The white man was the one reaching into my pocket. The black man said ‘Are you sure we should be doing this?'”

As the teens kept trying to rob Aubuchon, he told FOX4 he laid there helplessly until two strangers scared the teens away.

“I heard another voice yell, and it said, ‘Get off of him! Get away from him! What are you doing !?’ They ran off immediately, and there was a couple standing over me asking am I OK.”

That couple helped Aubuchon into his seat and proceeded to help him finish his shopping. They also followed him home to make sure he made it safely.

“My pockets had my phone, my wife’s wallet and our ID’s; I don’t know what I would have done if they took that,” he said.

Aubuchon said he and his wife asked Walmart for the surveillance footage but they were denied. They also attempted to file a police report, but because the teenagers didn’t actually steal anything or physically harm him, police said there was no report to file.

However, Aubuchon has a message for the couple that came to his rescue today.

“I can’t really ever repay you for what you did to me, but I am so thankful,” he said. “My disability came out of nowhere, and it’s been pretty hard for me at times, but to have strangers that I never knew show me that kindness, it really made my day and made it much more bearable.”