KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For many, Mother’s Day is one of the better days of the year, a chance to honor and shower your mom with love.

For millions of Americans, it’s also one of the toughest days of the year. A reminder that your mom isn’t here anymore, a reality that one KC man lives and a day Alex Conley will never forget.

“They were like take your mom’s hand, tell her that you love her. Hopefully, she could push through it,” said Conley.

“She loved playing pranks, she loved April Fool’s Day, she would always put us first. She made sure we had food on the table, we’d have a nice house and whatever toys we wanted.”

His once free-spirited, funny mom, who did whatever it took for him and his sister would soon meet a fate he never imagined would come this soon.

“I woke up, and I just heard her screaming in her bedroom, and she was yelling, she couldn’t breathe. I honestly thought it was a dream OR a nightmare,” said Conley.

Denise Conley was rushed to the hospital within a matter of hours. She later passed of organ failure right in front of the two people she did everything for.

“Me and my whole family just kind of broke down crying and you know, life hasn’t really been the same since then,” he said.

His biggest supporter, why he laughed the way he did and the person who made him who he is, was gone.

“I wake up every morning with her on my mind,” he said.

Conley doesn’t share his story to make anyone feel bad, he just wants people to cherish what they have.

“It’s a day just to remember her. I don’t think about her passing, I try to think about the memories that we shared, all the good times that we laughed,” he said.

Alex says his mom fell on hard times and stopped taking her medicine, her focus was on her kids and that’s why Alex chose pharmacy school. He graduates from KU’s pharmacy program next week.

Now on the cusp of a new chapter in his life, it’s not the time he won’t get to spend with his mom, instead the moments that he knows she would be most proud of that keep him determined.

“You can only push forward; you can’t let anything stop you. Even if it’s not your mom if it’s something else that’s happened in your life. You can’t let that stop you,” he said.

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