Metro man says car was illegally towed after driver claimed to be with AAA

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A man says his car was illegally towed by Downtown Towing and Recovery after his car crash last week.

“It was Halloween morning, there was a huge snow storm and when I was getting home from work around 3 a.m. I slipped on black ice and rammed into a guard rail,” explained Gary Lewis. “I couldn’t really get the car out; I couldn’t back up or anything  and I was blocking traffic.”

Lewis said he was approached by a tow truck driver that offered help at $300.

“I called my step dad and he said no, to call AAA so I got back in my car and called,” he said.

Soon after Lewis told FOX4 he was approached by another tow truck driver.

“He knocked on my window saying he can tow me for free, he’s through AAA; there’s no fees or anything.”

In shock and eager to get his car off the interstate, Lewis told FOX4 that he agreed.

“That’s when it went all downhill,” Lewis said. “There was no confirmation form that I had to fill out. I had to sign a paper but there was no copy. It felt like something was missing. He dropped me off at my house and he just took my car, right then and there.”

Lewis told FOX4 that his stepdad called Downtown Towing and Recovery to confirm the company was AAA.

“He denied that his tow truck driver ever said anything about AAA,” said Randy Gulley. “That guy was arrested for soliciting a tow and the police said  should not have to pay for the tow if it was taken illegally.”

However, the owner of the company, Andrew Snyder told FOX4 it was a legal tow and Lewis just didn’t want to pay it. Snyder declined an on camera interview and referred FOX4 to his attorney. His attorney also declined an on camera interview but told FOX4 that his client was well within his right to tow the car and suggested that Lewis pay the fee.

At day three, Lewis told FOX4 that the fee has now reached $930 and that was not an amount he was prepared to take.

“We are going to file an official police report Monday and ask the court to reduce the fee,” Gulley said.

KCPD told FOX4 that they do not recommend accepting tow services from a company that they have not called themselves.

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