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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro man says what he thought would be a quick fix turned out to be much more complicated.

Jake Maudlin said getting an iPhone screen replaced left him out cash and almost cost him his Apple warranty.

Life without a smart phone can leave some feeling disconnected. So,  when Maudlin cracked his screen he needed a fast solution.

“I called Michael Weston, owner and operator of Kansas City iPhone Doctor, to get a screen replacement,” Maudlin said.

Maudlin had used him to fix his phone before when he had an issue with his camera, and Weston’s website said he’s Apple certified.

“He had my screen fixed in probably 15-20 minutes, and the next day I kind of noticed things weren’t right,” Maudlin said.

He said the refurbished screen wasn’t registering his touch and it didn’t seem to fit right, so he took it to the Apple store.

“They looked at it and told me it was an after-market screen,” Maudlin said. “Took one look and they investigated further, and they said, ‘Yes, this is definitely third-party after-market.”

Maudlin said the techs told him Weston wasn’t an Apple Service Provider, and when you have an unauthorized provider work on your phone, it can cost you your warranty and Apple Care on the device.

Weston’s business isn’t listed on Apple’s online search tool for customers in need of another solution than the Apple Store.

Frankie Bellucci, the owner of Frankie OnCall, a local computer repair service, says after market screens aren’t Apple products. He also says it’s always important to have a work agreement in writing detailing the kind of parts you will be getting, and the work that will be done on your device.

“It’s critical that that be a piece, especially when it comes to your phone,” Bellucci said. “That’s phone, computer, any sort of server, security equipment. I’ve got to know that I’m doing business with a professional.”

Maudlin said he never got a work order for his screen from Kansas City iPhone Doctor.

FOX4 reached out to Weston to get his side. We messaged, called and even went to the business address listed on his Facebook and Yelp pages. It was a Phillips 66 gas station in KCK. FOX4 did not hear back from him before our deadline. We will let you know if we get a response.

“If you’ve done your due diligence, and you’ve looked at your research,” Bellucci said. “The top local three guys and you’ve chosen one you’ve now made the choice. So some of the responsibility is on you.”

“I would say be very careful. I would definitely contact Apple Care,” Maudlin said. “Go that route. Find an authorized provider through the Apple Care Specialist versus Googling it like I did and going to a website. I’d actually speak with Apple directly.”

Kansas City iPhone Doctor mostly has good reviews online through Facebook and Google reviews.

On Yelp the business has two stars out of five. The majority of negative reviews have to do with not hearing back. There is one similar review to Maudlin on Google referencing a screen with similar behavior. The review indicates Weston replaced the screen the customer had an issue with.

After this story aired, Maudlin did receive a refund.