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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro man is frustrated following what appears to be another highway shooting. The shooting happened as the man exited I-435 south, to get onto 350 Highway in southeast Kansas City.

Kevin Huntington`s pick-up truck sits damaged in a driveway for now. He`s only had it about a month.

“We needed a second vehicle so I could go to school to be a firefighter,” said Huntington.

It`s a job Huntington says he always wanted to do, so he could help people.

“September 11th. It really put the icing on the cake seeing those firefighters give their lives to save other people,” said Huntington.

On the very same day the nation observed the 16-year anniversary of that terrible attack, Huntington`s vehicle came under fire. He says it happened Monday night around 7:30.

“I heard a loud pop. I looked back. I see my back windows shattered out,” said Huntington.

Huntington says police inspected the vehicle and told him the shot likely came from a BB gun, but he thinks otherwise. The part that`s so upsetting to Huntington is not the damage to his truck, or even the thought of his own personal safety, but it`s the fact that it happened with his young son in the car.

“Since my 8-year-old son being autistic was in the car… you don`t mess with my kids,” said Huntington.

In just over a month`s time there have been at least seven shootings involving metro roadways.

“I`ve never thought anything about anybody trying to damage my vehicle or try to shoot at me,” said Huntington, who says this hasn’t made him afraid, and it won’t keep him from driving his normal route.

Huntington says repairs to his truck will cost him about $120. It`s an unexpected expense at a time when he`s trying to pay for school.