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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Sticky doors and frozen windshields might be something you have to deal with the next few days.

Freezing temperatures are not only hard on the outside of your car, but the inside as well.

Buddy’s Mechanic in Independence deals with it a lot.

“This is similar to a hot July afternoon. Both conditions are extreme,” said General Manager Mike Goodwin.

It can’t always be a sunny day, so Goodwin said you want to be prepared when it’s freezing.

“If the oil hasn’t been changed regularly, it’s super hard on the engine because that old sludgy oil is in the bottom of the pan, and the car will probably run 45 seconds before it gets any lubricity, and that’s bad,” Goodwin said.

He said if you have any water in your fuel tank, watch out.

“It will try to freeze, and that’s why we suggest all our customers run some type of fuel cleaner or injector cleaner to gather the water and to burn it,” Goodwin said.

It might be tempting to put hot water on frozen doors and windows, but Goodwin said that’s not the way to go. Use a deicer instead.

“Spray it inside the jam, and give it a couple minutes,” he said. “That way you don’t break the door handle or something trying to get in.”

Also, your wipers are the wrong way to go to get rid of snow.

“Make sure that the windshield wipers are not frozen to the window,” Goodwin said. “That will cause motor damage and everything else if you just try to force it.”

Above all else, he said, have someone you trust take care of your car.

“Establish a relationship with a credible shop, and in your comfort, whenever they suggest something, ask all kinds of questions,” Goodwin said.

He also said there’s no need to keep your car running too long before you drive it, but five minutes is a safe time.