Metro mechanic’s program helps domestic abuse survivors keep moving

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RAYTOWN, Mo. — John Schupp, the owner of Sci-Tech Automotive, says that he fixes up old donated cars and later gives them away for a good cause

“It’s pretty clear that our area of expertise lies in transportation so that’s why we decided to lend a hand,” Schupp told FOX 4.

Schupp started a program to fix up cars that he later donates to victims of domestic abuse. He connects with the women through Hope House, a place of refuge.

“Our world takes a halt, but everyone else keeps moving on and we can’t move with it because we can’t get there,” said Pamela Varner, a survivor of domestic abuse.

Varner sought help from Hope House three years ago when she found herself in a criminal investigation. She says her husband tried to murder her and burn her house down.

“He reached over and got my great grandma’s cast iron skillet, the big one, and started beating me with it,” she said.

The flames destroyed everything. Varner says all she had was the clothes on her back. But what helped her get back on her feet was having a car.

“You have to find a job. You have to go to lawyers. You have to go to your banks. You have to go to friends. There’s so much you have to do that people take for granted,” said Varner.

A car is costly. That’s why Schupp is giving them away to help those who need it the most.

“The last young lady who got one was here with her two children. It was station wagon so she was very happy and the children seemed overjoyed,” said Schupp.

He also will pay to get the car towed if it ever breaks down. The survivor is a customer for life.

Schupp says the need for donated cars is great. If you have one, please contact him at his garage:

Sci-Tech Automotive
9955 E. 350 Hwy
Raytown, MO 64133



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