Metro mom finds razor blade superglued to box for kid’s pool at Walmart

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RAYMORE, Mo. -- A metro mom wants other parents to be alert when shopping in local stores after finding a razor blade superglued to the top of a box of a blow-up pool she was hoping to buy for her young children.

Merrie Tang has three daughters. She lives in the Waldo area, but she goes to Raymore often to pick up her girls up from their dad's. This Saturday was no different.

“I thought, I’ll just stop by at the Walmart and get a little yard pool,” Tang said.

She wanted to get her girls a blow-up pool for the summer, so she stopped at the Walmart Supercenter in Raymore on Foxwood Drive.

“I was looking at the pools, and it was on the bottom shelf, grabbed a pool, it was in a box, luckily I grabbed it by the sides, and I pulled it out, and I looked down at the top of it and thought, 'well that's a really weird place for a razor blade,'" Tang explained. "I honestly thought, 'did someone, like, drop their razor blade just randomly in the pool section?' It was really weird."

In fact she said, the razor blade was superglued to the top of the box.

“I kind of shook the box, and it didn't move. I tried to move it with my finger, and it didn't move,” Tang added.

That's when she realized someone had intentionally put it there.

“Hoping maybe that somebody would cut their finger or something like that, so it was kind of scary to come across that so close to home,” Tang said. “Luckily I didn't grab it from the top, like a small child could have easily done, or my girls. Thankfully, I hadn't picked them up yet.”

She said she doesn't know if it's a prank or what, but doesn't understand why someone would do that.

“I don't know what is wrong with people that would make them want to hurt anyone, especially children,” she said.

She notified Walmart staff to let them know what she found.

“They came out and they were very concerned, and very attentive to the situation, and we were all just in shock,” said Tang. “If it's on this one box, then is it anywhere else? Is it at the next store down the road?”

Tang said as a mom she would want to know that this happened locally, and said she wants other parents to be on the lookout and be alert.

We reached out to Walmart about this incident, and the company's media relations senior manager provided the following statement in an email:

Walmart remains committed to the safety and security for all of our associates and customers.

On May 2, a customer alerted a support manager of a metal object glued to the top of a Summer Waves 3D Action Pool box. The item was immediately removed from the floor and all surrounding merchandise was checked and cleared.

We have contacted the pool’s manufacturer to make them aware of the discovery.




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