Metro mom of two shares incredible story of defying odds in more ways than one

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Mother’s Day, one of the rarest moms in the world will be celebrating in Kansas City. For much of her adult life, Mindy Corbin was told her family, with two daughters, would never be possible.

“I was told children would not happen for me at all, to just get it out of my head,” Corbin told FOX 4’s Abby Eden.

When she was 18, a virus hit Corbin’s heart, leaving her near death.

“I just thought – oh, it`s the flu, it`s the flu. Come to find out it wasn`t the flu,” she said. “My heart was only at 10 percent, I had maybe a month to live.”

She had a heart transplant, but years later, the arteries started failing.

“We found out that my arteries were growing inside; it wasn`t plaque or anything, they were actually physically growing,” she described.

Doctors said she needed a new heart.

“With this heart, I`ve had no complications, no problems whatsoever,” Corbin said.

And even better, a new heart gave her hope to consider what was once believed to be impossible: a family.

“Her determination to carry on and have a family is really remarkable,” said Dr. Anthony Magalski.

Dr. Magalski is one of Corbin’s doctors at St. Luke’s. The hospital has a heart disease and pregnancy program for patients like Corbin, although her condition is so rare that it’s almost unheard of.

She’s only the second person in the world to have a double heart transplant and two healthy pregnancies. Each of her pregnancies could have resulted in her death, but she took the risk and doctors monitored her closely.

“Her body during pregnancy, when we altered her medications to prevent rejection, could have allowed her to have rejection,” Dr. Magalski said.

But due to the doctors’ close care and Corbin’s determination, two little girls will now help her celebrate Mother’s Day.

“I used to be bitter about – why can`t I have kids? What did I do? So why am I being punished?” she said.

“Now I see them, and I`m so blessed. To hold them, to cherish them, to make memories.”

Now this mom who risked it all for the dream of a family says she’d do it all over again.

“It is so worth it. It is SO worth it,” Corbin affirmed.

While Corbin is only the second person in the world to have these two healthy pregnancies after two transplants, she’s been able to offer hope to others with a heart condition who want to have children. She tells them with the proper medical team, plus a lot of determination, no woman should give up on her dream to have a family, no matter what.

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