Metro mom seeing matinee movie with son disgusted when she spots man fondling himself in theater

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An afternoon at the movies took a disgusting turn, as a mom watching "Boss Baby" with her son says a pervert was watching them. The metro mom was catching a matinee showing with her son at the AMC theater off BarryWoods Road, when she noticed a man staring at her 10-month-old, touching himself.

"We were followed by a man, he was alone," Kelly Coldren said.

The clean-cut man sat down in the same row as Coldren and her 10-month-old son. She thought it was odd a man was at a kids movie alone.

"I also considered that maybe he was an employee taking his break," Coldren said.

She had little Lincoln in her lap as the movie started. About 30 minutes in, Kelly noticed her 10-month-old's attention was not on the movie, but the man sitting a few seats down. The mom took a good look at the man and saw he had his shirt pulled up and pants pulled down, masturbating while staring at her son.

"Him noticing the man before I did was probably the most disturbing part of all of it, he kept noticing that someone was watching him."

She made eye contact with the man and tried grabbing her cell phone buried in her diaper bag, but the man ran out. She followed soon after and alerted employees who started searching every theater for the man.

As the shock wore off, reality started to set in.

"He was probably there to prey on young children," Coldren said.

She can't seem to shake that her 10-month-old little Lincoln, is the child he chose.

"That's bothersome, that's gonna keep me up at night."

Kelly describes the suspect as African American, six-feet tall and about 180 pounds. She says he was clean-shaven, wearing dark pants and a dark jacket with a white T-shirt.

If you know anything about this, call Kansas City police.



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