Metro mom starts petition to ban sex offenders from schools

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A Kansas City, Kansas mom learned her 13-year-old daughter had an intimate relationship with a 20-year-old, repeat sex offender.

"I saw messages on Facebook and looked him up," explained Rose Ludeman. "That's when I saw he had sexually assaulted a child when he was 11, but it didn't pop up on the sex offender registry because he was underage."

Dezmond Colson has been in trouble with the law for nearly half his life. He is currently serving time in a Lansing prison for violating Ludeman's restraining order and bringing a gun on New Chelsea Elementary School's campus.

Ludeman asked New Chelsea to ban Colson from the campus but was told that it may not be possible.

"They have given me the run around because he is a former student and supposedly was going to the campus for tutoring," said Ludeman. "That's when I found out that sex offenders are not banned from school grounds.

This prompted Ludeman to start a petition to change that law. The request has since gained the attention of concerned parents, former law enforcement and even a state representative.

"I'm just a mom, so I don't know how to do all of this but I know it needs to be done to protect my kids and other families," she said.

Colson is set to be released December 2019. Ludeman told FOX4 she wants the school to ban him before the release.



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