Metro mom struggles to find son’s grave, soon realizes dirt and weeds shield many in cemetery

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A woman went to go visit her son’s grave at a KCK cemetery and couldn’t find it. It was covered in weeds, dirt and grass. Soon she found, her son’s grave wasn’t the only one.

“That’s sad because these are our kids, these are our babies. these are our loved ones…and they’re getting treated like this,” said Tracy Herrera.

Herrera’s son died during birth. She hadn’t been to Memorial Park cemetery to visit her son in a few years, she says it hurt too much. Her hurt hit a new level, when she went to his KCK grave site Thursday morning.

“We drove up here to look at it. Couldn’t even find it,” Herrera said.

Herrera went to management and told them FOX 4 was coming out. Her son’s grave was then somewhat cleaned off, but then Herrera realized she was standing on several other graves, covered in grass and weeds. Herrera cleaned off at least five stones that had been covered in what looks like years of growth.

“They’re doing this? To our loved ones?” she questioned.

FOX 4 went to management, they declined an interview with us, but told Herrera if she ever has a complaint she can come to them. Management says it’s a huge cemetery with hundreds of acres and they do the best they can. A response that was not good enough for Herrera. She plans to fight for new management and better care for lost loved ones.

“It’s sad,” she concluded.



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