Metro Non-Profit Sending Prayers to Newtown in Special Way

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KANSAS CITY, Mo . - People across the country are sending prayers to Newtown, Conn. after the mass shooting that took place at an elementary school.  But a metro non-profit is hoping to do that in a unique way Tuesday.

The Hope Station volunteer Stephanie Tillman said they have found what they feel is the best way to show their support for the small town.  She said they launched the project Tuesday.

Tillman said the massacre is so tragic, that there is only one way to help the family and town affected.

"There's just no other way to respond except for prayer and it's kind of all we've got right now," she said.

But Tillman said it will be prayer through writing on a yard sign the group has created.  On one side, the words "United in Prayer."  The "T" in united is much like a cross, with 26 lines representing the people and children killed.  On the other side, there is room for a prayer, or message of hope.

"You begin to exhale the pain when you write and for the first time, sometimes you inhale hope and it might be that first real breath that you've taken since that tragedy," Tillman said.

Tillman said these signs cost $10.  She said you buy one and The Hope Station sends it to Newtown.  Residents write on them, and stick it in their yard.

"On the days when people are really struggling to make sense of it, they might look up and just see that right sign that right prayer that right encouragement that helps remind them that there is hope and they can get on the other side of this tragedy," Tillman said.

Tillman said her goal is to send 100 signs to Newtown by next week.  She said they plan to send the money raised to the town to be used in in some mental, spiritual or physical healing effort.  To get involved, you can visit their website

Tillman said you can also buy in bulk or buy one for your yard.  She said it doesn't have to be just Newtown, but hopes other cities suffering from tragedy will take part in this also.

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