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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Public School District says between 15,000 and 16,000 students attend their schools. All of them receive either free or reduced meals.

Since school’s been out, KCPS says it’s served more than 65,000 meals to students. That will temporarily come to a halt this week.

The district says a child nutrition services member has a presumed positive case of COVID-19.

“With that, we wanted to be overly cautious, overly thoughtful in our we approached our food services for this week,” KCPS spokesperson Kelly Wachel said.

Now other organizations are stepping up to help.

Children’s Mercy, which normally serves about 25 to 30 meals a day at each other their five locations, is preparing to distribute more meals this week.

“We anticipate today that our demand will grow much higher. So we’re planning at Don Chisolm site, as well as at Broadway, that we can go up to 100 or more meals to provide today,” Children’s Mercy Director of Community Health Initiatives, Margo Quiriconi said.

KCPS said it’s following guidance from the Kansas City Health Department. But they hope to be back in operation by next week.

Children’s Mercy said they’re ready to assist the district, as long as they’re needed.

“We’re trying to be very nimble at this time. To be able to see how we can serve the students when the school district operations are not up to their full capacity,” Quiriconi said.

Thousands of children rely on these meals. Thanks to the countless groups across the metro, they’ll still have food to eat.

“I think people are feeling the love. This is a challenging time. It can be difficult, but we’re all trying to navigate together,” Wachel said.

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