Metro pre-schoolers helping make a Pennsylvania teen’s final Christmas wish come true

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Preschoolers are just learning how to read and how to write. They already know how to give, and it’s that giving spirit that’s making a stranger’s final Christmas wish come true.

The children at the Northland Early Education Center are too young to really know how much a simple gesture means.

Whitney Horn is the lead teacher at the center. She heard about 14-year-old Maddox Hyde who lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has terminal cancer.  The only thing on his Christmas list this year are Christmas cards from around the world.

Horn enlisted the help of her preschoolers.


“We talked about how there is a child and he’s very sick and what he wanted for Christmas this year was to get cards from all over the world,” Horn said.

Maddox and his family share pictures of the mail he receives on the Friends of Maddox Facebook page.

Cards from Horn’s class will soon join thousands of other cards at Maddox’ house.

“We talked about how giving people cards and things on Christmas brings people happiness,” Horn said. “They were all on board to make him happy.  Kids love making other kids happy.”

You can mail Christmas Cards to Maddox Hyde at 333 Ohio St., Reynoldsville, PA, 15851.



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