Metro residents frustrated as many KC streets remain covered in snow and ice

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The remains of Friday’s winter storm are still here.

Many metro streets are still slushy and snow-covered despite public workers’ efforts to clear the way. Kansas City’s Mayor, Quinton Lucas is among those seeking improvements in the city’s response to winter weather events.

You can’t blame Wendy Rudderforth and her family for feeling snowed in. Rudderforth’s Northland home sits on a Kansas City street near Gladstone, and the street outside is still covered in slush and ice leftover from Friday’s storm.

“It’s not safe. It’s very frustrating,” Rudderforth said on Monday. “People need to get out. You want to get some groceries.”

Rudderforth said the only city truck she’s seen on her street came on Monday afternoon, four days after the storm. That truck actually got stuck in the slush. Rudderforth shared a video clip of that truck struggling to climb her hill after dropping salt on the street. The truck doesn’t appear to have a plow on the front.

“We thought we’d have someone come down and treat or pretreat the streets by Saturday,” Rudderforth said. “Why are we going to take the HOA fees we pay and put them toward something that’s costly to do every time? We get plenty of snow here in Kansas City.”

Rudderforth’s Northland area isn’t an isolated incident. FOX4 cameras spotted similar spots near Old Hyde Park and off Ward Parkway — side streets in residential neighborhoods where slush and ice had yet to be cleared. Kansas City’s Public Works snowplow map shows all the areas where city plows have been working.

Lucas has witnessed some of these troubles firsthand. On New Year’s Day, he loaded up in a city snowplow truck and rode along with a work crew.

On Monday, Lucas said he wants to see more snowplows on the streets and a quicker response time to streets that need attention.

“If there’s anything you’re going to see in this winter storm response, and here in my second year as mayor, it’s making sure we respond quickly, we respond as exceptionally as we can, and we recognize ways we can do better. Kansas Citians shouldn’t have to wait storm-to-storm to see the same old thing happen again,” Lucas told FOX4.

In a separate fact-finding mission, Lucas hit the road this weekend with brand new city manager Brian Platt. The Mayor says Platt wasn’t pleased with what he saw, and that he intends to make the city streets cleaner in a more efficient manner.

As for streets that haven’t been cleared, the mayor asks residents to continue calling 311 for service. 



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