Metro store owners reap benefits as snow brings eager holiday shoppers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There’s something about the snow that makes it feel like the holidays are already here, even though we have a few weeks to go.

Shop owners in the metro love when it snows early in the season.

“I think when it snows earlier, people start thinking about the holidays earlier, which in turn — people shop!” said Catherine Dudenhoeffer, the store manager at Sharyn Blond in the Crestwood shops.

“With the snow falling, it just feels like Christmas,” said Lori Woods, the owner of 5B&Co. Candlemakers. “Even today, it’s brought in some wonderful traffic, people in the mood to do their Christmas shopping.”

5B&Co. Candlemakers has been in Brookside for 15 years. The store is known for its hand-poured candles.

“We do everything in the back of our shop. Everything we do is scented, and that’s what we’re known for. People come back because they can only get some scents from us,” Woods said. “We do things seasonally for sure. Every season there are new fragrances that come out, so for Christmas we have tinsel, mints and grapefruit citrus.”

Some shoppers were off for Monday’s observed Veterans Day, and they used it to get a head start on their holiday shopping.

“People are totally intrigued and excited about the snow,” Woods said. “Thursday night in Brookside was our holiday open house kickoff. We had wonderful attendance. The stores were all hustling and bustling. There were choirs outside. Great to have the snow around.”

“We’ve had a really busy day today. I think with the snow and the weather being what it is, it`s kind of got people thinking about the holidays,” Dudenhoeffer said.

And the stores make sure to get into the spirit in time for the holiday rush.

“We totally have Thanksgiving decor and turkey candles and harvest and gingered pumpkin,” Woods said.

Many of the stores said they have Thanksgiving decorations out for the time being.

“We do get pretty festive. We’ll have Christmas trees, ornaments, all the fun holiday stuff,” Dudenhoeffer added.

But as soon as Thanksgiving passes, the Christmas decorations are going up!



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