Metro teenager describes moments after deadly motorcycle wreck on I-49

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PECULIAR, Mo. -- A teenager with only a learner's permit is describing the moments after a motorcycle rear-ended him, killing the rider.

The deadly crash happened in Peculiar late Sunday morning. It closed a portion of Interstate-49 in Cass County.

“I lost my brakes, so we went flying at like 75 miles per hour, and I didn't have much control,” 15-year-old Javen Fogle said.

Fogle was driving with his grandmother on I-49 at the time of the wreck. They walked away without any injuries, but the 48-year-old man, identified as Kristian P. Metz, of Adrian, Mo., who hit them died.

“All of a sudden, there was a big push behind me, impact,” Javen said.

Javen and his grandmother were heading to lunch with his family after leaving church Sunday. That's when the crash happened.

“I was ahead of him, and he called us, and said, mom I've been rear-ended,” his mom, Angela said.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol crash report shows Metz, who was on a motorcycle, was trying to pass Javen. But the motorcycle ended up clipping the back of Fogle's truck.

“He felt the impact, and he looked in his mirror and saw the rider flying through the air and hitting the guard cables with his bike,” Angela added.

“There were cables in the median that he went over and the motorcycle was smoking,” Javen said.

“It flattened his driver rear tire, and so he had a hard time keeping it on the road. He almost went down the embankment, and if he had jerked his wheel to the left, he would have hit cars or the guard cables too,” Angela said.

Javen said he was able to regain control, and they stopped on the side of the road. He said several people stopped to see if they were okay.

“I started walking over to him to see if he need help, and once I got over to him, I realized that he had passed away,” Javen said. "I just try not to think about it.”

Javen and his grandma walked away without any physical injuries.

“Physically he's okay, he keeps telling us he's okay, but last night, even into this morning, he was very withdrawn,” Angela said.

Javen got his permit in April. His mom said he's an experienced and safe driver.

“We live on a farm, and this road is part of our farm, so he's driven since he could reach the pedals. Four-wheelers, tractors, the truck going up and down the hill,” Angela said.

The trooper told Javen he did nothing wrong and handled the difficult situation very maturely.

“Make sure that your kids, no matter what age they are, especially new drivers, what to expect in an accident,” Angela said. “Life is short, no matter how old they are.”

“Make sure you're watching out for other people on the road,” Javen added.

The school counselors and teachers at Javen's school are aware of what happened, and available if he needs to talk.



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