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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With more and more COVID-19 vaccines expected to reach all 50 states in the coming weeks, travel industry experts believe many in the hospitality business will eventually require something akin to a “COVID passport.”

“Traveler safety, to me, is top-of-the-line for everybody,” said Brent Blake, president of Acendas Travel. “And in order to do that, there’s going to be some requirements to be able to travel.”

Many forms of a so-called ‘vaccine passport’ are already being tested out, across the globe.

Blake believes there could even be a patchwork of expectations among U.S. destinations.

“California is different than if you were flying to a different state,” Blake said. “Right now it’s just all over the board, which makes it difficult if you’re a traveler to say ‘Hey I want to book something three months from now or six months from now, will it still be open and accessible to us, and maybe our family going on vacation?’”

Blake’s advice, to anyone who anticipates traveling next year, is to get vaccinated and remain flexible.

“My recommendation is; get the vaccination because that’s going to help you be able to get into those foreign countries with minimal hassle. And number two; be ready to change your plans.”