Local Trump supporters who traveled to DC recount Capitol protests


WASHINGTON — FOX4 has been in contact with groups of people from the Kansas City metro who traveled to Washington D.C. to attend Wednesday’s rallies.

Some of those people say they wanted to witness history, hoping the presidential election would be overturned and confirmed to be fraudulent by Congress. What actually happened at the U.S. Capitol was outside of their expectations.

Lance Pollard from Grain Valley said that he saw police vehicles racing toward the building.

“I was over by the south lawn, and we started heading east,” Pollard said. “And as this group of patriots went up the Capitol steps, they were letting law enforcement and everyone know, ‘Hey we’re not here to hurt you. We’re here with you. We are fighting for you. We are fighting for those freedoms.'”

“And then I think one or two bad apples ruined the whole pie,” Pollard said.

Tristan Lang spoke to FOX4 from a hotel room. He said if not for spotty cell phones, most of the people at the rallies wouldn’t have known what was happening.

“Where I was, it was very peaceful and we were doing a peaceful march. And no violence, nothing like that,” Lang said.

Some protesters said they don’t know what led to the escalation in violence, Tristan’s mother Terri Lang said.

“It wasn’t any behavior that President Trump condoned. He did not instigate anything or condone any type of violence. He did not encourage any behavior of that type at the rally,” Terri Lang said.

Even though people at the rally felt frustrated in the handling of the presidential election, Pollard said he felt that the majority of protesters didn’t want to damage property.

“I think people were just kind of tired of sitting quiet, and they wanted their voice to be heard,” Pollard said.



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