Mice invasion forces temporary closure of City Union Mission’s food warehouse

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Kansas City Health Department temporarily closed a homeless shelter`s food warehouse after someone reported seeing mice crawling around the building.

On Thursday there were several black traps outside and inside City Union Mission`s food warehouse. An invasion of mice has closed the warehouse indefinitely.

For more than 90 years, City Union Mission has built a reputation for feeding, clothing and sheltering Kansas City`s homeless. Now for the first time, it’s battling a pesky problem.

“It`s obvious one of the toughest things that we`ve had to face in a long time,” said Dan Doty.

Executive Director Doty said on Tuesday he first learned that mice invaded the mission’s food warehouse that stores food for four of the mission`s shelters.

“It’s very disappointing having a mouse issue that completely surprised us even with an exterminating company not letting us aware of the a problem. You know it was a shock,” Doty said.

The food warehouse has two floors. Doty says the mice infestation is mainly on the basement level. His crews are busy trying to correct the pesky problem and reopen the warehouse soon.

“We`re not gonna stop any meals, or any our services, so we have kitchens and other freezers and coolers. The food in our kitchens and coolers are fine,” he explained.

“We want Kansas Citians to our 92-year-old good, reputation to stand by us and understand that we`re trying to do our very best to get things corrected.”

Doty says the food warehouse will re-open as soon as health inspectors sign off on it. Right now, he doesn’t know when that will be.



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