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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One man, one bike and a wagon are making their way across the country, cycling against gun violence.

Scott Hite made his way from Independence to the Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City on Monday morning. His sights are set on Montana with one message to spread along the way.

“Just to wait,” Hite said. “The goal is to help somebody in that situation.”

He built a nationwide 24-hour hotline for people who may be contemplating using a gun to hurt another person.

“People will call. There is a moment of clarity that people will call for help before they point a gun and pull a trigger,” Hite said.

He hopes to talk them down — away from the firearm and a tragic situation.

“It goes a lot further than just the bullets that fly. Lives are damaged, the families of the victims, the people that do the shooting,” Hite said. “It’s a horrible situation. Just to stop and think about what the ramifications would be.”

Former President Barack Obama sent Hite a letter thanking him for dedicating his time and energy to end gun violence.

“He was happy that I contacted him and wished me luck in the future,” Hite said.

After health issues caused a road block for Hite’s hotline in 2015, he’s back on track raising awareness with this 26,000-mile trip through 10 states. All on a bike.

“It’ll feel really good to have success helping people that want to use a gun for the wrong reasons.

If you’d like to join Hite’s team or need to give him a call for whatever reason call 833-924-8663, or 833-WAIT-ONE.