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RAYTOWN, Mo. — A Raytown animal rescue says a cat was dumped at the facility by its owner. What the owner may not realize is the cat’s microchip led them right back to the owner.

The incident plays back on Midwest Animal Resq’s security cameras. On Saturday, a couple brought a cat they said they found to the rescue then they leave it in their parking lot.

“As they got into their car, they slid the box out onto the sidewalk and then drove off,” shelter manager Sydney Mollentine said.

However, Fall the cat was microchipped. The rescue knows the cat’s name because it’s registered right there in it’s hardware.

“Come to find it out was their cat,” Mollentine said.

Mollentine said the couple brought in the cat and told her they found it in Independence. The rescue is unable to take in pets from Independence due to shelter agreements, so they told them they would need to take the cat to the Jackson County Regional Animal Shelter to surrender him.

She said they agreed to do it, but didn’t follow through.

Mollentine said they brought the cat in without a crate, so she gave them one. They left both the crate and the cat in the parking lot.

She said when they realized the cat was outside and brought it back in, they started going over his paperwork and connected the dots.

“After they left, I’m looking and I’m realizing these numbers are way too similar to not be related,” Mollentine said. “So it’s not until after they had left and dumped the cat, and I’m going back over all the paperwork and realizing this was their cat.”

The rescue is currently at capacity for cats. Mollentine said there are rules in place to where pets can be surrendered for a reason.

“People need to follow the process and understand that we understand your urgency and needing to re-home an animal, and we are doing the best that we can with the resources that we have to provide as many homes for the needy animals in our community,” Mollintine said.

Fall the cat was adopted from Wayside Waifs a few years back and was likely micro-chipped back when he was at their rescue.

“When you hear something like that, it’s heartbreaking, and it’s sad,” Mollentine said. “To see an animal that left your facility into a hopefully forever home to then be treated like nothing and dumped on the side of the road.”

Now, Fall is hoping his next home is his last.

“Somebody will love this cat so much because he’s such a sweet guy, and I know that he will get a good home with someone that will really love him and take care of him,” Mollentine said.

Fall is available for adoption through Midwest Animal Resq while he waits to go back to Wayside Waifs. If he makes it back, he will be available through Wayside Waifs’ website.

The rescue’s founder said she’s reported the couple to the city for dumping the cat.