Midnight deadline looming for Jackson County property taxpayers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The countdown to the new year is on with a midnight deadline also looming. For Jackson County property taxpayers, Tuesday is the last chance to turn in payments.

Some sitting, others standing. All waiting to pay Jackson County property taxes by the December 31 deadline.

“It has been a nightmare,” tax payer Barbara Wright said.

After two hours, Wright said the short line she was waiting in is deceiving. What’s making her wait longer than others is unique problems with the paperwork.

“They showed my husband as being dead,” Wright said.

But he’s alive and well – actually standing in line at the courthouse.

Ryan Bennett is experiencing the same kind of issue.

“I just found out like two weeks ago that my truck wasn’t on there and I couldn’t pay online,” Bennett said. “Not ideal, but but I also waited ’til Dec. 31st so I can’t complain.”

The line is actually short compared to what people say Monday looked like. We’re told it stretched from the Collector’s Office, across the lobby and all the way to the far wall.

But on deadline day Anita Byrd got right in to pay her taxes.

“I was surprised no one was in the line. I got in and out in less than five minutes. I’m happy,” Byrd said laughing.

“Thankfully we haven’t seen too many long lines  Tuesday. I think it’s been kind of a steady progression,” Marshanna Smith, with the Jackson County Executive’s Office, said.

Shorter lines possibly thanks to more people paying online.

If you’ve procrastinated, Smith suggests you do it sooner rather than later and before 11 p.m.

“A lot of people wait til the last minute to pay their taxes,” Smith said. “And if they’re doing that online that can cause the system to be slower than normal. So we just ask people to exercise their patience.”

There are also two drop box locations. One is on the west side of the Jackson County Courthouse. The other is at the front door of the Historic Truman Courthouse in Independence. Both close at midnight.



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