Midwest Animal Res Q struggling after vandals steal, burn their transport van

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RAYTOWN, Mo. — A local animal rescue organization needs help from the public after its van was destroyed by vandals.

Local animal shelters are already struggling with an influx of pet surrenders due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why volunteers with Midwest Animal Res Q were stunned when a group of thieves stole their transport van overnight Monday.

The van was recovered, but not before the criminals set it on fire.

“We were expecting maybe some repairs obviously for the shattered window and whatever they break to hotwire a vehicle but we were not anticipating what we pulled up on today. It was really heartbreaking,” Midwest Animal Res Q founder Erin Morse said.

The van was used to transport animals to vet appointments and take pet food and other supplies to families in need.

“We don’t have the ability to do adoption events. We’re not open to the public except by appointment only,” Morse said. “Our adoption rates have slowed ,and so you kind of couple all those things together and add this on top, it’s an especially painful kick to the stomach, I guess.”

Morse said in the meantime, community members have volunteered to help transport the animals in their own private vehicles.

If you want to help volunteer or donate to Midwest Animal Res Q, you can visit their website here.



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